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About Us

Pam and Amy have dedicated their lives to enhancing the opportunities children have. From directing summer camp to operating day care, preschools and nonprofit informal educational opportunities. Combined they have over 70 years of experience of creating hands on child friendly programs. Listening, hearing and observing have been the bases of all they have done. Books and words have always been a beginning, not the final product.

Pam; born, educated and raised in New England, loves the arts and to paint, but has a secret science side. She sees the possibilities when camping, hiking, reading and playing. She is able to turn these possibilities into activities for children.

Amy; born, educated and raised in the west and mid-west, loves music and the endless ways of turning music into learning instruments. She loves to explore and is able to create new adventures from the smallest ideas. Amy is prone to asking the unrealizable from children.

Together they are the
Two Crazy Women

Willing to try the outlandish to instill hope, self esteem, courage, discovery of new skills and confidence in the youth they love to serve.