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Two Crazy Women offer a variety of educational services to the public and private sectors. We design, develop and write curriculum in many areas of interest, from science and math to art and culture. Our services include:

Program in a Bag

Program in a Bag is designed to contain all step by step instructions, materials list, materials and patterns necessary to complete the projects. Your group will need to add some common and perishable items.

Each bag contains enough supplies for 10 participants and 4 to 6 activities to occupy your group for a minimum of one hour.

Curriculum Design

Two Crazy Women’s original focus was on developing programs that would encourage children to ask questions, and to try new things; excite children to explore a topic further and expand their world; and educate children to new ideas and remove the fear of failure.

Our programs are designed for presentation to specific age levels with age appropriate content and activities. Most curriculums can be adapted to a variety of age levels. We offer programs that run 1 to 2 hours for younger children. Half and full day programs for school aged children and week long programs that can be used in a classroom or as a vacation program.

We create specialty programs. If there is a specific topic your organization would like us to develop a curriculum around we are always open to the opportunity. At your request, we will include your states learning results.


Presentation of our programs to children is exciting for us as well as the children. We enjoy the interaction with the children and watching them as they explore a new world around them. When we present a program for your organization all the materials and supplies are included in your cost.


Two Crazy Women curriculums may be purchased by any youth group or organization. They include clear expectation and instructions on how to present the activities. Each curriculum gives the presenter background information, materials list, and step by step presentation tips. Curriculum cost range from $15.00 to $30.00.


Training educators and parents to interact with their children through our programs is another of our services. We will work with your group or organization to develop trainings around a specific content area be it science, math, art, survival, ecology, or history. Trainings may range in time from 2 hours to a full day. Participant cost is based on the length of the training and the content area. All trainings include a booklet of the content area that includes all activities presented during the training.